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Kathleen Hefty

KATHLEEN HEFTY is a writer based in New York City.


Karen Gunderson’s most recent large-scale, black works on canvas serve as a reminder that despite the growing shifts in internet and digital art, pure painting still has the capacity to animate a space with movement and vibrancy.

Hope Gangloff

Landscape painting isn’t typically thought of as seductive or radical, but that isn’t the case with Hope Gangloff’s eponymous exhibition at Susan Inglett Gallery. Gangloff’s uncanny use of color and suggestive line work sets a mood that is both alluring and enticing.

Marley Freeman: Park Closes at Midnight

In art, as in life, layers can both conceal history and reveal truths buried by the passage of time.

Guadalupe Maravilla

Saga begins with a monumental centerpiece that incorporates the threads of illness and healing that are in conversation throughout the show. Disease Thrower #5 (2019) is a grand sculpture resembling a shrine that functions as both a therapeutic instrument and as a spiritual altar. Featuring a star-patterned woven structure made from a Mexican medicinal plant and a handmade gong, it is part of a larger series of the artist’s “healing machines” that include handmade and found objects.


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