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Kate Berson

Kate Berson is currently pursuing an MFA in fiction writing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she works as the Delaney Fellow with the innovative fiction press, Fiction Collective Two. She has been awarded the Harvey Swados Fiction Prize and a Graduate School Fellowship from UMass, as well as the Morton N Cohen Prize for creative writing from Tufts University. She is also working on a collaborative translation of poems by Chilean writer, Gabriela Mistral, with Dr. Velma García. Her stories have been published in Monkeybicycle, Green Mountains Review, The Rumblr (via Route Nine), Foundling Review, and other journals. Wigleaf included her story “Bird Again” on their 2014 Longlist.

Ghostwriter—Crown Jewel of La Autora

When the day of the launch arrived, she’d already forgotten all the trouble surrounding her novel. It was time now to celebrate. The rest was behind her. This included one small detail (well, not so small to some): the book that bore her name on its cover was not, in fact, the product of her pen.


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SEPT 2023

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