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Katarzyna Kozyra

KATARZYNA KOZYRA is a video and performance artist, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1993. She is an author of groundbreaking works, of sculpture like “Animal Pyramid” (1993), and the video installations “Bathhouse” (1997), “Men’s Bathhouse” (1999), “Rite of Spring” (1999 - 2002), “Punishment and Crime” (2002). She is currently working on a movie, “Looking for Jesus,” and on a feature film based on her life. She exhibits in Europe and in the United States. She is based in Warsaw, Berlin, and Trento.


Katarzyna Kozyra with Dorota Jarecka

To be an art critic is to assume an authoritarian position. The whole idea of making judgments is based on power, which is typical for modernity. And I think that the role of an art critic is dying down simply because modernity is dying down. Can a critic’s use of power verge on abuse?


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SEPT 2023

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