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Karl O'Toole

Sign O’ the Crimes

If there were as many serial killers in this country as there are movies about them, the USA would have a population the size of Ireland. Freddy’s slashing and Hannibal’s diet alone would take out a sizable chunk and I’m not even counting that lad from Saw.

Cracking Movie Gromit!

It was some time early 1994 my brother Mark mailed me this ‘brilliant’ short he’d taped from BBC Ireland. From his description it was a Hitchcockian tale of double identities, sweet-mad inventors, intellectual pets and jewel-thieving penguins – all made in Plastecine. I thought he was daft. Anyway, I couldn’t play the thing – it was PAL.

DVD Culture

True Confessions

Remember back in the day before De Niro became a slapstick artist?

The Land Of Fatherless Boys

With opening credits that channel-surf from popular icon Roland the Rat and deteriorate to another British Muppet—Margaret Thatcher amid the Falklands War—This is England leaves little doubt that it’s going to be a bumpy ride in the United Kingdom of the eighties.


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