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Kang Kang

Kang Kang is a writer and dramaturg. Her writings appear in the Brooklyn Rail, Artforum China, LEAP, Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, among others.

In Conversation

Emma Sulkowicz with Kang Kang

In anticipation of her upcoming performance for the Whitney Independent Studies Program Studio Exhibition (May 20 – June 3, 2017), I sat down with Emma at her ISP studio to talk about the evolution of her practice and the state of critical art in light of the alt-right’s embrace of postmodern performativity.

In Conversation

LIN TIANMIAO with Kang Kang

Lin Tianmiao is one of the most powerful female voices to emerge from and endure the vicissitudes of Chinese contemporary art over the past two decades. Since the mid-1990s, she has been making labor-intensive, traditional craft-based sculptures and installations breathtaking in their obsessive and dangerously precise transformation of everyday objects.

Son: Signal of Authority

To regenerate an inquiry into the pairing of authority and patriarchy, curators Boliang Shen and Zhanglun Dai reconsider the historical centrality of the father-son narrative, a structure that persists, with varying degrees of opacity, in various gestures of forgetting, revolt, repetition, and destruction.

In Conversation


Born in 1977 to a family of Sichuan Opera performers, Qiu Jiongjiong quit his hometown and formal education at a young age to “bum in Beijing” and made his name as a self-taught painter of eccentric, visceral portraits.


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