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Juraj Čarný

Juraj Čarný is a curator, art critic, and educator based in Bratislava, Slovakia. He is a president of the International Association of Art Critics - AICA Slovakia, vice-president of AICA International, appointed director of Kunsthalle Bratislava, editor-in-chief of Flash Art Czech and Slovak edition and program director of Art Academy. He is teaching at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Čarný etablished SPACE gallery, Crazycurators Biennale, SPACE residency lab, and public art projects Billboart Gallery Europe and wandering gallery nomadSPACE. He was a director of XLVI. AICA International Congress 2013 that was held in Slovakia with a subject “White Places, Black Holes.”


Juraj Čarný with Stano Masár

I define and re-define the criteria over the course of my curatorial preparations for an exhibition. The beginning of my curatorial work was linked to an absence of gallery institutions, in Bratislava particularly, and Slovakia in general.


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