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Joshua Cohen

Joshua Cohen is the author of Four New Messages, Witz, A Heaven Of Others, Cadenza For The Schneidermann Violin Concerto, and others. He lives in Brooklyn.

[Untitled Summer Journal Project #10 Revisited]

Every summer since the summer I lost my virginity…I’ve wanted to keep a diary, or rather to buy a brandspanking new notebook (a Mead® black marble composition book, “Wide Ruled” like a Homeric epithet) at the beginning of the season to use through to the end, to the perfectly choreographed ends of them both, the season filled with book, the book filled, no, seasoned with words and sand and the ink sunfaded and the pages windblown and stiff from having gotten saltwet and then dry again.

Mark the Sun

The curtain, lifted: A row of nine dancers came out, four stage left, four stage right, Nunci our star up from under the stage on a lift; eight of them with black hair long and straight, Nunci the prima a brunette in blonde wig, but over the wigs, bathingcaps.


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OCT 2023

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