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Jonathan Griffin

Jonathan Griffin is a freelance writer, critic, teacher and curator. Born in London, he now lives in Los Angeles. He is a contributing editor for Frieze magazine, and he also writes for Art Review, the New York Times T-Magazine, the Art Newspaper, Mousse, Art Agenda, and Apollo. He recently curated the exhibition Cogwheels Carved in Wood, at Night Gallery, Los Angeles, featuring work by the British artist Derek Boshier

Not Interested in That Sort of Thing

“Well I think she’s rather beautiful,” said my grandmother. It was Christmas. I must have been 11 or 12, and the large book that she had open on her lap—her gift to me—was open at an image so ridiculously sexy that my pre-pubescent cheeks were flushed deep red and my scalp was tingling.


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JUNE 2023

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