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John Woods

Woods is a contributing writer for the Brooklyn Rail.

Paul Verhoeven: A Tribute

We can’t think of any other director working in the mainstream today who even comes close to Paul Verhoeven.

Brooklyn on Film: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Aside from several Italian horror movie directors, most folks might not consider Brooklyn a cinematic city. But fortunately for us, directors like Walter Hill, John Badham, Nick Gomez, Spike Lee have seen fit to represent for the rest of us.

Hot Summer Beach Movies

Ah, summertime! The aroma of Palmer’s cocoa butter in the air, everybody wearing less clothes, and having beers in the afternoon. And the beach! Now don’t get us wrong—we ain’t interested in Muscle Beach or Frankie & Annette-type beach movies. We’re simply choosing films that have key scenes at or near a beach, and that just have that intangible Summer feeling to them. Get hot!


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