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John Merchant

JOHN MERCHANT is a contributing writer for the Rail.

In Conversation

Ultra Violet with John Merchant

“Well I guess it was my own revolution— internal revolution. You know I disagreed with the hypocrisy of society and I disagreed with my Catholic upbringing and I disagreed with everyone. . . . It was sort of natural that I met Warhol— you know in the ’60s you met everybody, so I was doomed to meet Warhol.”

Animating Sculpture: Cary Baker’s Mimesis at Triskelion Arts

Cary Baker, one of the five choreographers in the all-female choreography collective, Kick|Stand|Dance, presented a new work combining dance and sculpture in December at Triskelion Arts. Fittingly titled Mimesis, the piece explores the relationship between the two arts with the dance passages extending and mimicking the sculpture.

Monsters & Mirrors: Heavy at Play

Welcome to Abby Bender’s world. It is a world where lion tamers and tight rope walkers engage in a pas de deux; where sideshow callers, candy stripers, and trash men find treasures in rubbish heaps; where flash-dancers and video coupages strike a stunning tableaux; and where grand, strutting acrobatics result in luminous effects.


Maybe you had a crew back in college or in high school that made a pact to reconvene after some requisite years of fortune seeking.


Truth was borne, in chaos agonized. Its cries assaulted the unsupervised.


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