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Johanna Drucker

Mimi Gross: Art as Social Entanglement

Among Friends: 1958–63, the exhibition of Mimi Gross's paintings and drawings from the early 1960s at Eric Firestone Gallery, is not only a sheer visual pleasure, it also adds to our understanding of American modern art.

Gavin Selerie, Hariot Double

This is a double portrait in counterpoint tongues, musings, mutterings, riffs, and rants, reflections and peregrinations through lexical domains.

Mixed Media: Utopian Schemes

Every era creates a utopia in its own image. In ours, the summer’s film offerings exhibit enough dystopian worlds to make the point. Batman, Land of the Dead, Star Wars: in popular culture our empire has become evil, dominant, corrupt, controlled by an exclusive corporate class that gouges the poor and squanders the natural and cultural resources.


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