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Jim Knipfel

Jim Knipfel is the author of Slackjaw and The Buzzing, among other books. His weekly column may be found at

“Movies are All People Know” An Interview With Ken Jacobs

“Someone told me a while ago that I was a crank,” Ken Jacobs wrote. “It seemed a deft summation. I am disappointed, not with my personal situation —I’ve been very fortunate—but with the obscenity, that is the state of the world.

How I Got Here, I Can't Recall

“The sixties crowd is always trying to monopolize how good the music was,” says Leif Solem. “It’s just not the case. There’s a lot of shit going on all the time. It doesn’t stop.”

Eyeballing the Future: The Residents Turn Thirty-Five, We Think

The Residents don’t do things like normal people. Normal people wouldn’t, say, form a band in order to remain anonymous, make a fourteen-hour movie about one-armed midgets, or stage a live show intentionally designed to upset and baffle the audience. It’s not that they’re trying to be weird—that’s just the way they are.

Addicted to Sound: An Interview with Michael Gira

Michael Gira sat across the table at a quiet Brooklyn bar on a rainy Wednesday night. The conversation had settled on a mutual hero, Werner Herzog.


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