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Jim Knable

is a playwright, songwriter, and everything-else-writer whose plays have been produced at MCC Theater, Woolly Mammoth, Soho Rep, Target Margin, and various regionals; published by Samuel French and others. His new plays include a creative origin story and adaptation of Thornton Wilder’s first novel and two plays melding problematic historical figures from the Reconstruction through World War II and 1970s sitcoms.

Revelations in May

He swallowed twice hard and looked at me like he might just flat himself all over the beer-nuts.

A Brave New World, at Your Doorstep

Brave New World Rep is a theater company run by a former soap opera star who staged the company’s first significant production, To Kill a Mockingbird, on her front porch in Ditmas Park for a one-performance run in front of an audience of 1,500 under a serendipitously full moon.

The Rooted Adventure of Target Margin: 1001 Nights in Sunset Park

Target Margin’s new season is at once like its new home and like it always has been: a firmly rooted high seas adventure. And not at all pretentious.

In Dialogue

LUCAS HNATH with Jim Knable

I got to see a preview of Hillary and Clinton as part of the deal. I will say, in going through the relatively short list of people I can text with a day’s notice to join me as a plus-one to see a play, I thought of Lucas… then remembered it was his play.


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