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Jessica Rogers

JESSICA ROGERS writes both prose and poetry, and resides in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Also, she teaches Literature and Composition at QCC, CUNY. Her work can be seen various places, including a recent chapbook entitled Hot Water, from Cy Gist Press.


Rusty panels stretch around the bottom right corner of the structure, longer on one side, with dark and broken windows three-quarters up. Along Kingston Avenue once neon letters read “Cockt” followed by four empty husks; underneath busted bulbs spell “Lounge.”

My Name Escapes Me

In Florida there is a law that two establishments dealing in pornographic matters cannot be within a hundred yards of one another. At least this was the case some ten years ago, as I remember it. Or maybe it was never a law at all, simply another topic for people to trouble their conversation with around the bar.


RECENTLY JESSICA ROGERS has begun wearing hats. Also, she teaches Writing & Literature at Queensborough Community College.


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SEPT 2023

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