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Jessica Dickey

JESSICA DICKEY is a playwright and actor best known for her play The Amish Project. Her upcoming play Charles Ives Take Me Home will premiere at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater this summer, and her play Row After Row!! will premiere in Tucson this Spring.

When Machines Fail:
Paula Vogel and A Civil War Christmas

I cannot thank you enough for our wonderful brunch date this morning. Our intention was to talk about the production of A Civil War Christmas, which is currently in previews at New York Theatre Workshop (and opens December 4th), but because you are a rare and special theater deity, we covered so much more.

Bring the fire, bitches! Cino Nights

West Village, 1960s, long before the whitewash: when hippies were young, rents were cheap, and Carmine Street was still the realm of the possible.


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