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Jeremy Tiang

Jeremy Tiang’s short story collection It Never Rains on National Day will be published by Epigram Books in 2015. His fiction has appeared in Esquire, Drunken Boat, Meanjin, Ambit, Asia Literary Review, QLRS and Best New Singaporean Short Stories. He has translated more than ten books from Chinese, including work by Yan Geling, Zhang Yueran, Yeng Pway Ngon and Yu Qiuyu, and has received a PEN/ Heim Grant and 2016 NEA Literary Translation Fellowship. Jeremy is also a playwright whose work has been performed in London, New York and Singapore. He lives in Brooklyn.


Cheng Cheng has never found snow so detestable. The blizzard has paralyzed JFK, triggering an unending stream of apologetic announcements: yet more delays. The benches are crammed.


And your special today is what? Pig lung soup? Okay, we’ll have that, very good for the respiratory system, so important in this cold weather. What else? Siu mai, crystal dumplings, of course—one basket each. Then turnip paste, phoenix claws—let me see the menu again. Also this, and this, and this. Is that too much food? Mui Foong, how hungry are you?


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APRIL 2023

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