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Jenny Schlenzka

Jenny Schlenzka just completed her master’s thesis on the TV show Miami Vice for the cultural studies program at Humboldt University, Berlin. She is currently in New York assisting Klaus Biesenbach, MOMA’s film and media curator and chief curator for P.S. 1.

It’s a Mann’s World

Miami Vice the TV show (1984–89) gloriously celebrated surface. The producers chose vibrant colors, exquisite fashion, and cutting-edge editing over complex dialogue or suspenseful plots. Their choices drew millions to the small screen. In that sense, Miami Vice the movie is true to the original. It remains compelling for its breathtaking style.

Nothing At All

The man is Zinédine Zidane, one of the great soccer players of all time. With Zidane: 21st Century Portrait, Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno tread the border between film and art to cast a monument to Zidane from moving images.


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