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Jennifer Scappettone

Jennifer Scappettone's current book projects include From Dame Quickly (poems), Locomotrix: Selected Poetry of Amelia Rosselli (translations), Venice and the Digressive Invention of the Modern (a critical study of the obsolescent metropolis as a crucible for modernism), and Exit 43 (an archaeology of the landfill and opera of pop-ups in progress, commissioned by Atelos Press). She is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Chicago.

One Venice After Another: The Present Tense of the Future-Past at the 52nd Biennale

Seeing remains a specifically sited enterprise, it seems at times, against every mirage of neutrality or cosmopolitan haze that threatens to be whipped up by Biennials of Art.

First Italian Prose (1954)

I don’t know what new rigor brought me to you, houses of black terrain…

Excerpts from Beauty (Is the New Absurdity)

Beauty was thereafter ugly the new Black


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