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Jennifer Coates

Coates's paintings utilize landscape as a vehicle for hallucinatory visions and psychological spaces.

Alessandro Pessoli

Bleeding shadows and pulsing points of light define quasi-mythic action in Alessandro Pessoli’s psychedelic landscapes. Tie-dye t-shirts meet 19th century Symbolist painting to create comic, loosely narrative episodes that transpire in an aqueous underworld. In his second show at Anton Kern Gallery, a single wall is covered by grids comprised of small drawings in watercolor and tempera on paper.

Matthew Ritchie

Matthew Ritchie is a visionary thinker who makes decorative, diagrammatic paintings where pictorial information spills from its rectangular boundaries and commandeers real space. In his latest show at Andrea Rosen Gallery, Matthew Ritchie: After Lives, he sought to detail a transformational cycle that encompassed birth, death, solidity, and liquidity.

Joe Brainard: A Retrospective PS1 Contemporary Art Center

Scruffy but fluid, disguised in a wide array of visual vernaculars, Joe Brainard went incognito: the artist, usually identified by a single style or a coherent, lifelong project, is in this case unrecognizable. Brainard moved to Manhattan in 1962 at age 20, where he lived until 1994, when he died of AIDS-related pneumonia.


Leslie Brack’s recent show of small oil paintings of collages, entitled Art in America, depicts an idiosyncratic array of images (a Led Zeppelin album cover, a postcard of Miami at sunset, a Gerhard Richter painting) that serve as grounds over which figures, both animal and celebrity, or text, cut and pasted, ransom-note style, are overlaid.

The Royal Art Lodge: Ask the Dust

The Royal Art Lodge is the faux secret society name of a Winnipeg based artists’ collective that has been meeting once a week since 1996.

Dan Walsh at Paula Cooper Gallery

The sensitivity to place in Dan Walsh’s muted, minimal paintings is surprisingly reminiscent of the way that Fra Angelico created murals for the private cells in the San Marco monastery.


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