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Jennifer Bartlett

Jennifer Bartlett was a 2018–2019 Lower Manhattan Cultural Counsel Fellow. Her most recent poetry book is The Hindrances of a Householder. She is currently completing a biography of Larry Eigner.

My Body is (the) Marginalia; The Sun Drawn a Saw Across the Strings

One thing remains constant. I have cerebral palsy. I tell people that I was “born with it” but that isn’t exactly accurate.

My Little Envoi, For Nancy, Travis, and Roswell

Jennifer Bartlett is the author of three collections of poetry and co-editor of Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability. Recently, Bartlett published an op-ed piece in the New York Times on disability and sexuality. 

Two Excerpts

Jennifer Bartlett is author of (a) lullaby without any music and co-editor of Beauty is a Verb. She is currently writing a biography of Larry Eigner. Bartlett lives in Greenpoint with the writer Jim Stewart, their son Jeffrey, and many animals.

Early Language, Quite Simply


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