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Jason Murison

Contemporary artist Jason Murison is the current director of PPOW gallery, New York.

Daniel Zeller

Daniel Zeller’s recent exhibition at Pierogi is similar to his last one two years ago. The gallery is filled with a number of fairly large framed abstract works on paper that are so meticulously drawn they look as if they could be photographs of the earth taken from a satellite.

Aernaut Mik

The New Museum was founded on a social agenda that was loosely associated with what now sounds academic: “Art holding a mirror to society.” This motto had more sway during the museum’s founding in the late seventies than most of us would expect today, especially considering its temporary location in the latest center of the art world, the Chelsea Museum on 22nd street.

Dan Torop

It is odd that in the height of the art market there is still a split between contemporary art galleries and photo galleries. But perhaps this gap is closing finally, if Dan Torop’s exhibition Estimated Landscapes is any indication.


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