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Jason Gross

Jason Gross is the editor/perpetrator of the online magazine Perfect Sound Forever ( When he isn't writing for other folks or working on post-punk reissues (Essential Logic out now on the Kill Rock Stars label), he can be found crocheting and making his own ammo.

Young Marble Giants, Colossal Youth

Even in the heyday of off-the-wall post-punk, which generally prided itself on its weirdness, the Wales-based combo Young Marble Giants stood out. Recording for Rough Trade Records and sharing bills with Rough Trade labelmates got them lumped in with the post-punk clan, but what they created on their now-reissued first and only album, Colossal Youth (1980), was a music all its own that still stands as a wonderful curiosity, a path that few have followed.

Reviews: Todd Snider Near Truths and Hotel Rooms

"I’ve been driving around for 15 years," singer-songwriter Todd Snider proudly declares, "making this shit up, singing it for anybody that’ll listen to it— some of it’s sad, some of it’s funny…"


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