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Janet Lee

Janet Lee grew up in high desert Nevada, in a small mining town on the edge of highway 50. She graduated from University of Nevada Reno with a B.A. in English Literature and French and is now a M.A. candidate at New York University pursuing literary translation. She interns at A Public Space, reads submissions for [PANK] magazine and intends to pursue editorial work focusing on translated and polyglot literature. She’s currently translating Joséphine by Jean Rolin and La Belle Amour humaine by Lyonel Trouillot.


I live in a lower-class neighborhood of Paris, at the end of a small, dark street, one of the last refuges for some dealers. Once there, you have to come inside the building through a pretty large entryway, walk across the courtyard, then take the correct staircase, follow a corridor, make a right, and it’s at that door that hundreds of men have come knocking.


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2023

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