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James N. Kienitz Wilkins

JAMES N. KIENITZ WILKINS is a filmmaker and artist based in Brooklyn.

THE SKIN I LIVE IN: Notes on Vimeo

On a computer, a vector graphic is the opposite of a raster graphic. A vector is all relative points with no resolution; a raster is all resolution. The raster is resolute, fixed, of this world. It contains the photographic, and if you blow it up, it will appear to degrade.

Friends with Benefits at Film Society of Lincoln Center

The boys’ room, where it all began. After class, they’d gather between the sinks and the stalls in a sordid teen pisshole turned echo chamber of ideas—four friends harmonizing in a perfect acoustical environment, inventing that singular sound which would catapult them to greatness and riches beyond their wildest dreams: mellifluous contemporary fusion riding on four vocal leads.


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SEPT 2023

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