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Jaakko Heikkilä

Jaakko Heikkilä is a photographer and artist living in Kukkola, Tornio in Lapland of Finland. The border between Finland and Sweden runs along the river Tornio near his house. On the Swedish side of the river live people speaking their dialect of Finnish language that they cannot read or write. Since the early 1990s the art of Heikkilä has concentrated on the themes of in-between, diaspora and margins, people and scenery in Russian Karelia and White Sea, Armenia; Venice, Italy; Serbia; Cuba; Brazil; Paris, France; and in the U.S.A., including Harlem, New York. His works have been shown often in Finland and other parts of the world, separately in the Venice Biennial in 2005 and in Belgium, Germany, England, France, Norway, Russia, Serbia, and Sweden. He has also worked and exhibited in New York, including the group show Bodies, Boarders, Crossings (Photography and Video Art from Finland on Governor’s Island in 2011 and now, in the spring 2014, in Lima, Peru), as well as in galleries including White Box, Page Digital Gallery, Korean Gallery, Sideshow Gallery and in Nash Gallery Minneapolis.


Photographer Jaakko Heikkilä with Marja-Terttu Kivirinta

I have written criticism for more than 30 years. Although the idea of art criticism is still the same—it should be analytical and critical—during that period the reviews have changed. And now I talk about newspaper journalism, my professional background.


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