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Hunter Braithwaite

HUNTER BRAITHWAITE is a writer and the Founding Editor of the Miami Rail. He lives in New York.

In Conversation

TREVOR PAGLEN with Hunter Braithwaite

Trevor Paglen shines a light on the shadowy confluence of technological innovation and state misconduct. Whether by photographing secret military installations from afar, or by parsing official documents to identify telling omissions, the aim is to see that which has been purposefully obscured in hopes that visualization leads to consideration.

In Conversation

NICOLAS LOBO with Hunter Braithwaite

Nicolas Lobo’s art maps the conduits linking flesh to industry, the porous bedrock beneath cities dedicated to banal leisure and amorphous capital. For the past nine years he has lived in Miami, creating objects out of systems clotted to a trickle.

In Conversation

DAVID SALLE with Hunter Braithwaite

I met David Salle in the crowded lobby of the Joule Hotel on Main Street in downtown Dallas. He was in town for the opening of Debris, a large show of his paintings and ceramics on view through August 23, 2015, at the Dallas Contemporary.

LORIS GRÉAUD The Unplayed Notes Museum

On the opening night of The Unplayed Notes Museum, Loris Gréaud’s first solo museum show in the United States, guests sauntered around the Dallas Contemporary until a group of people, up to that moment hiding in the crowd, descended upon the art, ripping it from the walls, breaking it into pieces.

Collective Intelligence

The spectre of collective labor haunts Agnieszka Kurant’s striking, timely exhibition at the SCAD Museum of Art.


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