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Gregory Zucker

GREGORY ZUCKER is the Managing Editor of Logos: A Journal of Modern Society and Culture.

In Conversation

WALTER BERNSTEIN with Gregory Zucker and Molly Rose Ávila

Walter Bernstein is one of the most celebrated writers for film and television. His writing for television included shows like Danger and You Are There. Due to the blacklist, Bernstein received no credit for his work on films like The Magnificent Seven and The Train.

So Much for Fahrenheit 9/11 and the Last Six Months, On with Four More Years

I have confession to make, one that makes me a bad film critic and, quite possibly, an even worse American: I don’t care what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences thinks the best films of the year were.

RADICAL REFLECTIONS: Arthur Penn In Conversation with Gregory Zucker and Robert White

One of the preeminent film and television directors of his time, Arthur Penn is best known for groundbreaking films like Mickey One, The Miracle Worker, Bonnie and Clyde, Little Big Man, and Night Moves. Two summers ago, Gregory Zucker and Robert White sat down with Penn in his Manhattan apartment to discuss his career.


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