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Ginny Cook

GINNY COOK received her MFA in Photography and Media from the California Institute of the Arts in 2005. Select exhibitions of her work include daemon, Reed College (Portland, OR, 2014); Yesterday Amphoric: Ginny Cook, Rosemary Mayer, David J. Merritt, Regina Rex (New York, 2012), and Complicity: Contemporary Photography and the Matter of Sculpture, Rena Bransten Gallery (San Francisco, 2009). Her writings and photographs have been most recently published in Prospect: Necropolis (2015), Public Display #5 (2014), daemon by Reed College (2014), and Dirt: Slake Issue No. 4 (2012).


There have been four issues of MATERIAL in eight years—an annual in spirit, a bi-annual in practice, despite our best hopes. The story of each issue, as we can see now, has been about clearing a space: for the mixed-up, the un-thematic, the must-be-said.


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