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Gary Winter with Young Jean Lee, Kristen Kosmas, Normandy Sherwood, Erin Courtney, Karinne Keithley, Trish Harnetiaux, Annie Baker, Sibyl Kempson, and Scott Adkins.

MAC WELLMAN: Works-in-progress include: Muazzez, featuring Steve Mellor for the Chocolate Factory; 3 2's; or Afar for Dixon Place; Linda Perdido, a novel; and Left Glove, forthcoming from Max Winter's Solid Object press.

SCOTT ADKINS writes plays and runs the Brooklyn Writers Space. He is making a play to be seen in the spring 2011 at a ... near you.

ANNIE BAKER lives in Park Slope, where she frequently runs into Mac. She won the 2010 OBIE Award for Best New American Play.

ERIN COURTNEY teaches playwriting at Brooklyn College. She's working on Leakey's Ladies with Crystal Skillman, Rachel Hoeffel, and Gretchen Von Lente for Drama of Works.

TRISH HARNETIAUX is currently working on a stage adaptation of Shirley Jackson's The Bird's Nest as well as writing a super secret novella.

KARINNE KEITHLEY's Montgomery Park, or Opulence, part museum, part operetta, runs from November 4-13, 2010 at Incubator Arts Project. 

SIBYL KEMPSON is working on three plays: So Much To Go Crazy (The Show Might Go On)(Sehr Langsam); The Secret Death of Puppets (or) How Do Puppets Die? (or) Puppets Die in Secret; and Child Memorial, or Peabody.

KRISTEN KOSMAS co-curates the Twenty-Five Cent Opera (with fellow Mac students Ben Gassman, Corina Copp, Misha Shulman and Lashea Delaney) and is working on a play-length monologue--inspired by the deeply disturbing and completely unsympathetic character, Solyony, from Chekov's Three Sisters--which will be performed as a bi-lingual duet in Russian and English, a solo play for two actors and two languages.

YOUNG JEAN LEE: Untitled Feminist Multimedia Technology Show

Work-in-progress at the New Museum in N.Y.C., December 16-19, 2010

NORMANDY SHERWOOD is writing a new play called The Golden Veil for the company she belongs to, the National Theater of The United States of America. The play will be put on at the Kitchen in the fall of 2011. 

GARY WINTER is a member of 13P. He is currently working with Theater 167 on The Tale Project, which explores how folktales from a number of Jackson Heights's cultures are radically reinvented. To be staged in 2011.

THE INQUISITION OF MAC WELLMAN, In Honor of 10 Years of Brooklyn College

So Emily DeVoti and I are sitting in our favorite bar—The Delphic Weasel—thinking about articles for the theater section for the Brooklyn Rail’s 10th anniversary issue.


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