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Fabio Akcelrud Durão

In Conversation

Robert Hullot-Kentor in Conversation with Fabio Akcelrud Durão

One recent afternoon, Fabio Akcelrud Durão, a Brazilian literary theorist, paid a visit to the home of Robert Hullot-Kentor in Manhattan. The following is the result of their discussion of Adorno’s theory of a “web of unknowing,” psychoanalysis and politics, apocalypse, what words not to use, the gratuitous plural, and what art is.

In Conversation


Fabio Akcelrud Durão and Robert Hullot-Kentor continue a conversation about education, the common good, and committed art that they began in the June 2010 Rail.

In Conversation

Robert Hullot-Kentor with Fabio Akcelrud Durão

The Brazilian literary theorist, Fabio Akcelrud Durão, returned to pay another visit to the home of Robert Hullot-Kentor in Manhattan to renew a conversation they began in the Rail in 2008.


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