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Evan Harris

Evan Harris lives in East Hampton.

Form 3575

There’s a line. It forms down the center. Indicated by a strip of stiff red poly-nylon attached on wither end to two freestanding aluminum posts, the line forms down the center of the room.

Housing Difficulties

I first met Cinderella at a party exactly like this one, a number of seasons ago. The invitation had been slipped under my door in a red envelope with a note penned over the seal: Your secret is safe, it read, punctuated by a chipper little smiley face.

The Conception of Despair

Once upon a time in Aftermath, a moment cracked in half.

The Childhood of Despair

Once upon a time in Aftermath, a long line of daughters came to its end with the appearance of the last. Troubled or troubling; troubling or troubled—each and all of those girls had been one or the other or both.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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