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Eugéne Ionesco

Eugéne Ionesco was born in Romania in 1909. He witnessed, first hand, the rise of fascism and communism, and this experience helped shape his worldview and would later be employed in dozens of plays, short stories, two books of essays, and a novel that closely examined the absurdity of the human condition. Ionesco fled to Paris in 1938 and made it his home for the rest of his life. He wrote his first play The Bald Soprano when he was 37 and achieved international acclaim a few years later when The Chairs was produced. The Hard-Boiled Egg, written in the early '60s for the Evergreen Theater, was his only film script.

Excerpt from an interview with Barney Rosset.

The Hard-Boiled Egg

Shot of a modern kitchen. In the middle of the kitchen, a young woman wearing a white apron, holding an egg in her hand. Then the fingers that are holding it, and the hand; then, the woman’s neatly arranged hair; then her forehead, her eyes, her head.


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