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Eric Sutphin

ERIC SUTPHIN is a critic, artist and curator based in New York City. Publications include Art in America, Frieze, The Brooklyn Rail, and Artcritical, in addition to several exhibition catalogues and artists’ books. Eric has been a visiting critic at Delaware College of Art and Design, the School of Visual Arts, and Rutgers University. Rosemarie Beck: Letters to a Young Painter and Other Writings is scheduled for publication by Soberscove Press in 2017.

In Conversation

In Conversation with PETER LAMBORN WILSON

Prior to the opening reception of the writer/artist's new show at 1:1 gallery, (Vanishing Art & Hoodoo Metaphysics, September 23 – October 20) a group of students the Art Criticism and Writing M.F.A. program at the School of Visual Arts drove upstate to speak with Peter Lamborn Wilson.


Throughout her career, the Norwegian-born painter Hanneline Røgeberg has been moving from naturalistic depictions of bodies engaged in various sensuous activities (licking, hugging, and squeezing one another) to hazy portraits of faceless figures seen in mirror reflections to works based on images of animal hides, which were flayed out across diffuse, abstracted landscapes.


A collaborative husband-and-wife team, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov began to jointly sign their works in 1997 after separate, but concurrent, careers in Russia and the United States.

The Ineluctable Task

Since I completed the Art Writing MFA program, the majority of my professional writing has consisted of exhibition reviews. I am also a painter, though I write more than I paint, so I tend to identify myself as a writer who paints, rather than a painter who writes.

Woodstock, January 1959

Rosemarie Beck is preparing for her next show, which will open at Peridot Gallery in March 1959. She’s been working with houses of the zodiac: the Sun, the Moon, Venus, and now Neptune.


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