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Eric Chevillard
translated from the French by Alyson Waters
out now from Archipelago Books

ERIC CHEVILLARD is one of the most inventive authors writing in French today. His novels include On the CeilingThe Crab Nebula, and Demolishing Nisard, all translated by Jordan Stump, and Palafox (Archipelago), translated by Wyatt Mason.

ALYSON WATERS's recent translations include Albert Cossery's A Splendid Conspiracy (New Directions, 2010), Cossery's The Colors of Infamy (New Directions in 2011) and Rene Belletto's Coda (University of Nebraska Press 2011).

An excerpt from Prehistoric Times

I was appointed to this post to replace the deceased Boborikine. Things could have been worse, I could have taken a bigger fall; an overhanging rock stopped my plummet and it was only my shattered kneecap – bouncing off the bumps on the side walls – that in the end hit bottom.


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