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Emmanuel Iduma

Emmanuel Iduma is the author of A Stranger's Pose, a travel book, and The Sound of Things to Come, a novel. His honors include an arts writing grant from the Creative Capital/Andy Warhol Foundation and the inaugural Irving Sandler Award for New Voices in Art Criticism from AICA-USA. He contributes essays and stories to a wide range of magazines, journals, and exhibition catalogues, and divides his time between Lagos and New York City.

The Promise of Mutability

Most recently, I have written for and managed the monthly publication of essays on African art and visual culture in The Trans-African, a publication project by Invisible Borders.

Francisco de Goya, Plate 26 from “The Disasters of War” (“Los Desastres de la Guerra”): <em>One can’t look</em>. (<em>No se puede mirar</em>.) 1810 – 20, published 1863. Etching, burnished lavis, drypoint and burin. 9 15/16 × 13 1/2 in. Purchase, Rogers Fund and Jacob H. Schiff Bequest, 1922. <a, OASC. " />

9 Primers

Sixty years have passed since Uche Okeke wrote “Natural Synthesis.” Debates surrounding the manifesto’s influence—who is right to be named a member of the group, which younger artists are favored descendants, etc.—eclipse, to my mind, a greater dilemma. That is, are the opportunities for synthesis as available to artists today as they were to their forebears? What can be said of the resources available right now for those who wish to model their practice after the idea of a “natural synthesis”?


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SEPT 2022

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