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Emmanuel Bove

Emmanuel Bove was born in Paris in 1898. He began writing in his late teens and many of his extraordinary novels have been translated into English. His first novel My Friends is his most famous. He died in Paris in July of 1945.

Another Friend

I prefer English gardens to French gardens. It’s not that order and harmony are distasteful to me; nor is it that the imitation of nature delights me. It’s simply that I like not knowing exactly where I am.

From My Friends

When I wake up, my mouth is open. My teeth are furry: it would be better to brush them in the evening, but I am never brave enough. Tears have dried at the corners of my eyes. My shoulders do not hurt any more. Some stiff hair covers my forehead. I spread my fingers and push it back. It is no good: like the pages of a new book it springs up and tumbles over my eyes again.


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