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Elene Abashidze

ELENE ABASHIDZE is an independent curator based in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Selected projects include : 2014 - Same, Same with Jesse Darling and Takeshi Shiomitsu, CAC 41/41N, Batumi, Georgia; 2013 - Meeting point - the Kitchen Archaeology, Hotel Ces't la vie, London, UK; 2011 - The Fragment of Time which is not recorded, CCA-Tbilisi. Words: 2015 -  Dear Chris - an interview with Chris Kraus for,  2011 - TBS, an artist book by Gio Sumbadze, 2011 - Danarti, CCA-Tbilisi.

In Conversation

Elene Abashidze and Gio Sumbadze

In September 2015, Curator Elene Abashidze and artist Gio Sumbadze, both Georgian, sat down in Tbilisi, in the Republic of Georgia, to discuss Gio’s work in relation to acceleration, ecology and the Soviet Union.


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