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Elena Penga

Elena Penga was born in Thessaloniki. She studied theater and philosophy at Wesleyan University and screen and theater writing at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Three collections of her short stories have appeared from Agra one of Greece’s best-known literary publishers. Tight Belts and Other Skin is the winner of the Ouranis Prize from the Greek Academy of Letters (2012). Her plays were first staged in New York’s Off-Off Broadway scene in the 1980s. Since Penga returned to Greece in the 90s, her plays have been extensively translated and performed in Greece and elsewhere. She also wrote the screenplay for Lakis Papastathis’s award-winning film, The Only Journey of his Life. She teaches playwriting and lives in Athens.

Six stories
from Tight Belts and Other Skin (Agra, 2011)

Take a look at that. The fish change color. When the male gets excited he turns black. He rises to the surface with the female, and as soon as they have sex, he turns silver again.


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