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Edwin Torres

Edwin Torres has two publications forthcoming this year, Xoeteox: the infinite word object (from Wave Books), and an anthology he's edited entitled Out Of Each Other: An Anthology of the Body in Language (from Counterpath Press).

Edwin Torres

"Celestial Spine," "Infinity Reel," "Torn Expanse," "Pollopel Island," "Oh Water Man"

Apartment 5D

Edwin Torres’ books include Yes Thing No Thing (Roof Books), The PoPedology Of An Ambient Language (Atelos Books) and most recently a chap book of children's poems, One Night: Poems For The Sleepy (Red Glass Books).


Edwin Torres’ work appears in the anthologies: Angels of the Americlypse: New [email protected] Writing (Counterpath Books), Aloud; Voices From The Nuyorican Poets Café (Holt) and in the forthcoming American Poets in the 21st Century: The New Poetics Vol. 2 (Wesleyan Press). His books include Ameriscopia (University of Arizona Press) and The PoPedology Of An Ambient Language (Atelos Books). He has a Writing Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania this year where he’s teaching a Poetry Performance course during the Spring.

The Impossible Sentence

a poem of a poem/a sentence of assent


Edwin Torres’ poetry collections include, Ameriscopia (University of Arizona Press), Yes Thing No Thing (Roof Books), and The PoPedology Of An Ambient Language (Atelos Books). Recent anthologies include: In/Filtration: A Hudson Valley Salt Line (Station Hill Press) and Angels of the Americlypse: New [email protected] Writing (Counterpath). In March 2016, he started his participation in Open Sessions, a 2-year arts residency at The Drawing Center, NYC.


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