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Donatien Grau

DONATION GRAU is a member of New College, University of Oxford. He is an editor-at-large of Purple Fashion Magazine, a contributing editor of Flash Art International, and member of the editorial boards of the French publications Commentaire and La Règle du Jeu. The co-editor of the book series “Figures” with Grasset, he is the author of half a dozen books, including Tout contre Sainte-Beuve (Grasset, 2013) and Nèron en Occident (Gallimard, 2015). He has edited, published or contributed to over a hundred publications worldwide, in philosophy, the visual arts, literature, architecture, design, ancient history, and, in particular, ancient Roman numismatics.

Guest Critic

Not New, Not French, Not Theory

French Theory is no theory. It is a well-known fact that “Theory,” as in “French Theory,” is neither a theoretical endeavor nor a theoretical manifestation of thought. “Theory” as in “French Theory” has evidently little to do with Plato’s apex of human evolution: contemplation of the ideal form as such. In the Platonic sense, theory is the ultimate abstraction.

Theoretical Brutality: Cézanne And Gauguin

In his conversations with Emile Bernard, Paul Cézanne had very violent words about his fellow painter—someone who had actually been his friend for a while: Paul Gauguin.


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