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Dennise Abush

Dennise Abush (1986, Mexico City) is an editor, poet, and furniture designer. She wonders about the questions of the universe and is obsessed with time.

In Conversation

TANIA BRUGUERA with Lucia Hinojosa, Diego Gerard, and Dennise Abush

Inside a bar in the neighborhood of Old Havana, on the corner of Tejadillo and Aguacate Street, a bartender pours out glasses of rum. The thick sound of a microphone echoes from afar, blending with the hideous sound of street drills coming from an apparent destruction, or “reconstruction” of the street. The bar and the bartender are, perhaps, an ode to the daily life of such a corner in the innards of Old Havana, but the rest of the elements around are perceived as action and reaction regarding social unrest, evident in the micro-scenario of this space, revealing the isolated struggles for and against freedom of speech.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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