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Dawn Raffel

DAWN RAFFEL is the author of Carrying the Body, In the Year of Long Division, Further Adventures in the Restless Universe,and The Secret Life of Objects which is now out on Jaded Ibis Press.


Blake Butler is part of a generation of authors who publish both in print and online as a means of entering a literary dialogue, paying respect to old ways by doing tremendous things with the new.


My mother called to tell me that today was her birthday.

North of the Middle

They are both of them, mother and daughter, inflamed by something minuscule, sneezing in tissues, covert sleeves, a hand.


One day when he was 101 years old, my grandfather took the vase off the windowsill in his house and gave it to me. That vase had sat by the living room window for as long as I could remember. It is luminous blue, with an oval portrait of a lady painted on it.

from The Secret Life of Objects

The vase—blue, pottery—was a gift from my college boyfriend. We’d drifted apart and become just friends for a few years and sometimes we wrote and sometimes we called and we invited each other to our weddings in cities four hours apart and neither of us went to the other’s wedding and we sent each other presents.


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