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David Winters

DAVID WINTERS is a literary critic, and a Ph.D. candidate in American literature at Cambridge. He has written on literature and philosophy for the Times Literary Supplement, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and numerous other publications. His essay collection Infinite Fictions was published in January 2015. He is co-editor in chief at 3:AM Magazine, and can be found online at

Patterns of Anticipation

“Information,” writes Walter Benjamin, is “incompatible with the spirit of storytelling.” For Benjamin, “half the art” of telling a story lies in learning not to tell the news; narrative should suppress reportage, achieving instead “an amplitude that information lacks.”

Unholy Love

Past and present collide in the acclaimed short-story writer Noy Holland’s début novel, Bird, a poetic exploration of the texture of memory and of the unconscious patterns that shape our lives over time.


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