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David Parker

David Parker is a 2013 Guggenheim fellow in choreography. As choreographer, he has been commissioned by over 35 dance companies, universities, and festivals including The Anna Sokolow Players Project, Dance Alloy Theater in Pittsburgh, Groundworks Dance Theater in Cleveland, Arena di Verona Ballet Company (Italy), Juilliard New Dances, 10 Hairy Legs (NJ), Contrapose Dance Company (Boston), and at the following colleges and universities: Harvard Summer Dance, Barnard/DTW Project, Barnard/NYLA Project, Alfred University, Hofstra University, Hunter College, Connecticut College, Montclair State College, Adelphi College, University of Maryland, and The University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana.

Curator's Letter

This month, Danspace Project commissioned a full evening of tap—the first ever in its 37-year history.

Tap Crazy

Tap dancing, that beloved but often overlooked American art, seems lately to be stomping right into the center of contemporary dance.


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