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Darren Jones

In Conversation

SIR NORMAN ROSENTHAL with David Carrier and Joachim Pissarro

When recently we interviewed Philippe de Montebello, it happened that Sir Norman was in town, and so he participated in that discussion. He had much to say which was of great interest and so we thought it natural to continue the discussion with an interview devoted entirely to him.


Tom Shannon’s recent exhibition elicited a long-lasting shift in this viewer’s perception of the metaphysical realm. Shannon takes as his subject, and medium, the elemental forces of the universe that define the basis of our existence, and presents them on a scale perceptible to the human mind.


The Belgian-born artist Peter Buggenhout creates massive sculptures out of discarded manufacturing materials, covering them in hair, blood, and grimy layers of dust collected from vacuum cleaner bags.


Scottish artist Ken Currie emerged in the 1980s as one of four figurative painters dubbed the “New Glasgow Boys,” alongside Steven Campbell, Peter Howson, and Adrian Wiszniewski.

Words To Live By

Art requires a framework. The value of criticism when it is allied to a great social issue within a given constituency is that it records, discusses, and introduces audiences to art that was intended to transcend or bypass museums and markets and connect with multitudes.

Art Entrances

Years ago, when I lived in London, making my tentative forays into the art world, passing through the door to a gallery was a momentary ordeal, bedeviled by halting indecision and uncertainty about what lay beyond.


In her second solo exhibition at Mixed Greens, Sonya Blesofsky continues her excavations into the unyielding architectural reinvention of New York, bringing attention to human histories and daily experience in relation to our built environments.


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SEPT 2023

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