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Daniel Grandbois

Daniel Grandbois is the author of several books, including the prose poetry omnibus Unlucky Lucky Tales (Texas Tech University Press, 2012), illustrated by Fidel Sclavo. He holds an MFA in poetry from Bennington College, lives in Colorado and tours extensively in Europe and North America with the band Slim Cessna's Auto Club.


Was my number perfect or incomplete, beautiful or ugly, real or mere illusion? I tried to calculate it but couldn’t step into the same river twice. I needed air and, thank Empedocles, there was still some left in the bucket.

A Collection of Stories

A woman looking for birds found as well a perfect temperament. It was alone on a park bench, feeding the pigeons. Because of its nature, she couldn’t tell the temperament’s age, or even its sex, really.


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SEPT 2023

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