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Cynthia Oliver

CYNTHIA OLIVER is an award-winning choreographer, performing artist, and scholar. Her choreographies excavate the complicated nature of contemporary blackness in Afro-Caribbean and African American cultural production. She is Professor of dance at the University of Illinois, where she is also Associate Vice Chancellor for Research in the Humanities, Arts and Related Fields. Her choreographic work Virago-Man Dem premiered at Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival in October 2017.

They Say it is Heaven

The floor is my space for contemplation. Maybe it is simply the place where I cannot fall any further beneath the seeming weight of the task.

Reminicising on Evidence

_“As reviewer Corey Harrower discusses, Ronald K. Brown/Evidence is all about community. The Rail asked some Evidence alumni to reflect back on their time with the company, and, what becomes quite clear here, is not only Brown’s commitment to dance that explores African American experience, but his penchant for fostering community and even a sense of the spiritual among his dancers.


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SEPT 2023

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