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Cynthia Eardley

Gordon Matta-Clark

Asked to create a work for the Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning, Gordon Matta-Clark arrived with a BB gun and shot out their windows, intending to cover the broken glass with black-and-white photos of rundown houses in the Bronx.

Zaha Hadid

Anyone disheartened by current world events should make it a point to visit the Guggenheim Museum’s 30-year retrospective of Zaha Hadid, one of the most prolific and inventive architects practicing today and the only woman to win architecture’s prestigious Pritzker Prize

Santiago Calatrava

The unusual and illuminating Santiago Calatrava exhibit at the Met, Sculpture into Architecture, offers a lively array of work by the contemporary Spanish architect who is also a lyrical draftsman and a sculptor. Calatrava’s sculpture and architecture are sometimes connected by a nearly one-to-one formal correlation and always by a distinct sensibility.


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