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Cristina Pippa

Cristina Pippa is a playwright who no longer lives in Brooklyn, but in Buffalo, where she teaches at Buffalo State College and is an Artist in Residence at the Center for the Arts.

In Memory: Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter was an inspiration—if not a model—for many theater artists working today. What follows is just a small sample of the ways Pinter's work has influenced us all.

Unmeasured Pleasure: Metering Couplets and Desire with David Grimm

Like many characters in Restoration comedies, Will Blunt lives up to his emblematic name. Even when challenged to a duel, he is as dangerous as a dull knife. Words are his weapons and, although he is a servant, he speaks candidly to anyone who will listen.

In Dialogue

Wrighting Home with Richard Nelson

Look around at the houses here in California, Lloyd. Or back in Chicago. Look at what’s being built today in this country. The vulgar, wicked, moral lies, extravagant waste, social, aesthetic excrement. To attempt to create a bit of beauty within this.

Fair Trade Theater: Saviana Stanescu’s Waxing West

“Eastern Europeans have been too busy with dramatic living to worry about dramatic writing,” explains playwright Saviana Stanescu. Perhaps it is for this reason that, in the past, others stepped in. Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were executed on national television on Christmas Day, 1989.


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