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Corey Harrower

Corey Harrower is a Vermonter who studied Dance and English at Wesleyan University.

Gesel Mason Performance Projects: A Review

Gesel Mason opened her November performance at the Joyce Soho with a quote: “The work of black artists is as diverse and wide as the colors of the rainbow.”

Of Community & Constants: Two Decades of Evidence

In its 20th anniversary run at the Joyce Theater, Ronald K. Brown/Evidence presented six works whose most resonant effects stem from the performers’ precision and strength.

Representing Stravinsky

Though one might assume a dance program titled Sourcing Stravinsky would focus on the life, work or ideas of the renowned composer, it was by no means the stipulation of Annie-B Parson, the program’s curator.

Big Dance Theater's The Other Here

Big Dance Theater creates its own fantasy that’s simultaneously invigorating and perturbing in The Other Here, performed at Dance Theater Workshop in September. Blending cross-cultural exploration, and Okinawan pop music, the show is a folkloric romp openly embracing its lack of cultural purity. It’s a post-globalization fairy tale.


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